Let Me Introduce Myself


About Me


I majored in Contemporary English Studies at university.

I have always been interested in web development and I like creating and making things.

So, I turned to software engineering and joined a bootcamp in 2019.




Some of the projects I've done

  • We Bare Bears Webpage

    This is my first website built with HTML, CSS and jQuery.

  • Canvas

    This project's goal is to create a Microsoft Paint like canvas, in which you could use different tools, like spray, shapes and eraser to draw on a designated area.

  • Zora

    This is an e-commerce website that is built by me and another 2 group members. This website provides fashion items and suggestions according to the user's horoscope.

  • Visualizing the Civic Identity Struggle in Hong Kong: An Art Exhibition

    This is an online exhibition website I made for a friend to present her research on the topic mentioned above. It is built with Next.js and hosted on Vercel.

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